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Short replacement velocity stacks for the MT-09.

Available on backorder


These short velocity stacks are the same size as the shortest one in your OEM airbox. From the factory, the MT-09 has 3 different lengths of velocity stacks for an all-around riding profile. For serious riders, it’s often desirable to have shorter stacks for better performance. You only need to replace 2 stacks, but we include 3 in the kit for a full replacement.


With these stacks, you can expect to see at least 10hp increases at the rear wheel for this engine. Tests performed with RaceTrec Velocity Stacks, Full Exhaust System (with DB killer) and Tuned ECU. It’s reasonable to achieve 108hp on the rear wheel with a good tune and a fair and calibrated dyno. Expect less if running a standard or no tune. We got 106hp on a standard tune, see dyno graphs. We also saw 15nm increase and the peak torque was moved from ~8500RPM to 4500RPM.


Sold as a pack of 3.

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