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A high-performance replacement airbox for your MT-07, YZF-R7 and Tracer 700.

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A high-performance replacement airbox for your MT-07, YZF-R7, and Tracer 700.

The airbox is designed as a drop-in replacement for the OEM. Everything you need for a proper installation is included. From the factory, the supported bikes are very airflow limited by the airbox design. Many riders of these bikes have resorted to running air filters directly on the throttle body, removing the airbox. This does however come with the caveat of not being able to ride in the rain or wash your bike with ease. This is what our solution solves. It offers better performance than running with just filters as the air is not as turbulent in our airbox, it also allows you to ride in the rain and wash your bike like normal.

With this airbox, you can expect to see at least 10hp increases at the rear wheel. Tests were performed with RaceTrec Airbox, Full Exhaust System, and Tuned ECU. It’s reasonable to achieve 75hp on the rear wheel with a good tune and a fair and calibrated dyno. Expect less if running a standard or no tune. We got 73.1hp on a standard-ish tune, see dyno graphs. On a fully tuned bike, we got 76hp. You can also expect to see at least 10nm of torque increases. In our testing, we also saw the peak torque arriving ~500 RPM earlier at 6000 RPM.



– Heat and Impact Resistant Carbon Fiber Based Material

– Velocity Stacks Filter Mounts

– Intake Rubber

– Assembly Screws

– Removable Lid For Easy Filter Access

– Cylinder Head Breather Hose Return


– MT-07 (2014-2021 / All Generations)

– YZF-R7 (2022 / All Generations)

– Tracer 700 (2016-2021 / All Generations)

In The Package:

– 2x Intake Rubber

– 1x Main Airbox Body

– 1x Airbox Lid

– 6x Hose Clamps

– 4x M6 Lid Bolts

– 2x Air Filters

The airbox can be used without filters with just velocity stacks. However, filters are strongly recommended. This version fits generic air filters with 54mm intake diameter, 15mm flange length, and 70mm height.

The air filters in the product image are for illustrative purposes only. The actual filters might differ slightly in physical appearance. Contact us if this is of concern.

Due to the manufacturing process, we cannot fully guarantee a perfect surface finish. Please see the real-world gallery images for expectations.

Designed and manufactured in Sweden.

Weight 2 kg
Dimensions 30 × 30 × 30 cm
Rubber Color

Black, Blue, Red

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